2017 Conscious conversations

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"Relationship in Harmony"

 Ron Nadeau and Toni Bernbaum

When we consider that we are constantly in relationship with one thing or another and often with many things at once, we notice that the relationship we have with ourselves colors and can even determine the quality of all our other relationships. In this workshop Toni and Ron will present the four tools they have learned are necessary to help create relationships with harmony.

"How to move from your head to your heart"

Brigitta and George D'Amato

Join Brigitta D'Amato for an uplifting presentation, full of experimentation to experience the different states of energy as you move from your busy, and often negative brain, to your peaceful and loving heart! 

"Laughter is the Best Medicine" 

Sherry Glaser

Crack yourself up for a change (in consciousness), and explore the alchemy of comedy! 

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"Your Emotions are your guides"

Mary Allison

Mary Allison will be speaking on the purpose of emotions in relation to the awakening process. Each emotion is present to represent an important aspect of the spiritual self that needs attention and acceptance. This talk will encourage the appreciation of inner emotion, no matter how intense such emotions may seemingly feel. 

"The physics of harmony in the cosmos"


Newton, Einstein, Maxwell, and countless other physicists have been discovering the laws that explain the Cosmos.  E=mc2, F=ma, action and reaction, relativity, gravity bending space time, quantum fluctuations, the wave aspects of particles, string theory and its tiny vibrating strings. What’s the common theme?  Energy that vibrates.  We are all vibrating… To the music of the Cosmos. 

"odissi dance" (Classical indian)

Justine Lemos

 Odissi is a major ancient Indian classical dance that originated in the Hindu temples of Odisha – an eastern coastal state of India. Odissi will be performed by Justine Lemos, a professionally trained Odissi dancer. 

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"Soul: Your niche within the tapestry of life"

Michael Lott

Each human being has a deep inner calling,  unique purpose that only they can fulfill. This calling calls forth the unique genius, or soul, of an individual. It is only through this expression that one uncovers their unique niche within the tapestry of life. In this talk, we will explore how the expression of soul, the uniqueness of an individual, is paramount, not only for the wholeness of an individual, but for the healing of the entire world. 

"Living a harmonious life within an adversarial culture"

Peter Wells

Peter will talk about changes in our consciousness as we transition from a warrior worldview to a more harmonious understanding of what we’re doing here.

There’s an evolutionary event occurring. It's within each one of us.
The inner truth is being refreshed with a new understanding.
The new understanding requires neither dominance nor submission.
The new understanding is to fulfill the life being lived


"My Poems to the Universe within You"

Chata van den Akker

Chata's awareness poetry is all written by the inspiration of her morning meditations. Her poetry dabbles in many subjects, but all with one underline; to bring more awareness and new perspectives. Expressing her spiritual and practical perspectives as well as realization out in the world in a sweet and simple manner, representing her inner child. that had been cut off of expression.